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Creating a rust texture with Vallejo texture Brown Earth.

How to create a easy rust texture over old metal parts or exhaust pipes using a brush and vallejo Texture paste

1. Using a soft brush you can apply a thin coat of paste Brown Earth (26.219) over the part, some pics of real thing can be very useful.

2. It dryes quickly and when dryes you can paint with Model Air or Model Color, or Washes and Pigments.

3. This time we choose to use some washes and pigments.

4. When Washes dryes you can apply directly the pigment over the texture.

5. The finished texture.Remember you can mix easily Pigments, Washes and paint searching for different tones.

This time we paint a wreck with the new set of Rust by Vallejo (71.186) after apply a rough texture like old rust over the hull.

Categories:  Auxiliary Products
Date of publication: 07/28/2014
http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/en_US/creating-a-rust-texture-with-vallejo-texture-brown-earth./blog/51 Creating a rust texture with Vallejo texture Brown Earth.

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