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Easy way to create mud textures

Mixing Vallejo textured paste references (26.214 - Black Lava), (26.217 - Desert Sand) & (26.219 - Brown Earth), or adding pigments or Model Air references, you can depict easily wet mud or dry mud textures, over a vehicle or diorama terrain...

1. You can randomly mix the reference searching for the desired tone with a hard bristle brush
2. They can be so thick as you want, just adding some drops of water

3. You can apply the mix over the bottom of vehicle, running gears and tracks.
4.  Just a detail: remember the mud have a "sense" on the belly of vehicle, rubbing over ground surfaces like stones or grass.

5. You can change too the hue of mix and thickness adding some Vallejo pigments references, or can do a wet effect adding some drops of gloss varnish.
6. With a thick paste like this, you can depict easily a terrain for vignettes or dioramas, mixing to the final mix with leaves, vegetal textures or cat lite sand.

Date of publication: 07/28/2014
http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/en_US/easy-way-to-create-mud-textures/blog/52 Easy way to create mud textures

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