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How to paint eyes on a 28 mm miniature

By Angel Giraldez (translate Mario B Delgado).

Have you ever ask yourself …how they paint the eyes in such small miniatures?…Here is the answer in a brief and easy article.
For this will be using Vallejo paints of the range Model Color. The miniature is from the Infinity game, from Corvus Belli, and the scale is 28 mm. We prime the miniatures with White Vallejo primer, I normally use 3 fine layers. With only 5 colors we have achieve a very expressive eyes.

1. Now we mix brown chocolate (70872) and black (70950).
2. Apply a fine layer of Deck Tan (70986).

3. Apply a very light wash under the eye with Hull Red (70985).
4. Paint the pupil in black (70950).

5. Paint a white dot in the center of the pupil (70951).

Categories:  Model Color
Date of publication: 12/18/2010
http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/en_US/how-to-paint-eyes-on-a-28-mm-miniature/blog/26 How to paint eyes on a 28 mm miniature

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