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Next steps on T26 using Vallejo Washes

We can add a lot of interesting color variations using washes like filters.

1. With random mix of White wash, Yellow Dunkelgelb and Dark green we can get more deep contrast and ligth easily.
2. Using a clean brush and workin' by small areas for a major control, the model looks now with a "modulation style" with little effort over the color base.

3. Note how subtle are the ligth transition of greens over the turret roof using small drops of Dark Green wash
4. Now we can move to the bottom of vehicle, with more dark tones unified like filters using Brown range

The faded look of first accumulated coat of dirt are subtle but in contrast with top of Vehicle
6. The final result at this stage ready for posterior effects with pin washes and sreakin' grime, just using one more time only Vallejo washes, hope ypu like it!

Categories:  Washes
Date of publication: 12/19/2014
http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/en_US/next-steps-on-t26-using-vallejo-washes/blog/60 Next steps on T26 using Vallejo Washes

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