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Stains With Acrylic Washes

1. If you are one of those modellers that does not like to work with oils or does not like the smell of the neccessary solvents this tip is for you. You can achieve the same result using the acrylic washes and use a nice smelling cristal cleaner as solvent.
2. There is a nice variety of colour to choose so you will not miss the variety to obtain a good assortment of stains.
3. Let´s prepare a small amount of many acrylic washes colours in a palette with some cristal cleaner aside. ( the brand is not important. If we mix the colours with some cristal cleaner it will spread far better.
4. Now we moisten the model surface with the cristal cleaner.

5. We take a small amount of one of the colours with a brush and leave it over the model surface, soon we will see how it spreads by itself. If we work with more than one colour at the same time they will diffuse and blend as oils does.
6. The most important with this technique is to observe which is the best moment to leave the colour dot over the surface, if this is too wet, the colour will spread too much and if it´s almost dry it will not spread enough and leave a trace. It will better to practice a little before beginning.

7. Depending on the pigment concentration in the wash the result will be more or less subtle, this depends on how much cristal cleaner we use for diluting the wash.

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Date of publication: 08/01/2014
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