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Using Vallejo Washes by Rubén Gonzalez

New vallejo Washes test and use.

1. With the Vallejo washes I´m trying to make filters, washes, streakings and earth splashes with and without texture adding some of plaster.
2. For the filters I add some water to the wash. The idea is to change the base color without flood and controlling the dried.

5. The wash is applied directly from bottle cleaning the excess with water.
6. For streakings and earth splashes I use different colours for best chromatic richness. Varying the application order we´ll obtain different results. First step: streakings with a dark color very diluted.

7. Second step: earth splashes with a dark color.
8. Third step: earth splashes with a light color mixed with plaster.

9. Effects:
1- Streakings, 2- Dark earth splashes, 3- Light earth splashes with texture
10. In this case I started with a medium earth splashes first.

11. Splashes.
12. Next I add some of plaster for more texture and make lighter the color.

13. At last I splash with a dark mixture without plaster and shade the bottom.
14. Effects:
1- Streakings, 2- Light earth splashes with texture, 3- Dark earth splashes, 4- Dark shade


Categories:  Articles, Washes
Date of publication: 09/25/2014
http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/en_US/using--vallejo-washes-by-ruben-gonzalez/blog/56 Using Vallejo Washes by Rubén Gonzalez

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