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Applying Vallejo Pigments

1. The most important is to chosse the right colors to use. According the environment here our model will be placed, we must choose the correct colors to make a perfect match between model and scenario.

2. For the wet mud I just mix several different pigment colors and apply them randomly over the running gear, suspension and tracks. Then let to dry for several hours. While drying, don’t touch it.

To make the mud look even more wet we can always mix some Vallejo Gloss Varnish in the mix. The other option is, in the end, airbrush the same Gloss Varnish in the places here the mud is accumulated.

3. For the accumulated dust I just apply the pigments directly from the jar. Once again I use several different colors. Once the pigments applied in the desired places I apply small drops of White Spirit and let to dry for several hours. When the White Spirit is fully evaporated, the pigments look dry and are firmly placed over the surface model. The look is ultra realistic, natural and very convincing.

4. Once the pigments applied and fully dry, we can airbrush Vallejo Gloss or Matt Varnish in order to accentuate the dry and wet look in the desired aereas.

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Fecha de publicación: 12/04/2010
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