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Making Water Texture with vallejo products

1. Apply a small portion of Vallejo Still Water over a flat and clean surface.
2. Let it dry and then gently pill off with a blade.

3 / 4. Cut a small portion into the desired shape.

5. Glue it in place.
6. Add effects with Vallejo Water Texture.

Special effects: Step by step by José Brito

1. Heat and stretch a small portion of transparent sprue.
2. Cut it into the desired size.

3. Place it in the desired place.
4. Use Vallejo Water Texture.

5. With a small brush, place a little portion of Vallejo Water Texture around the splash.
6. The finished sea. Look at all that action!

Categorías:  Auxiliary Products
Fecha de publicación: 01/04/2010
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